I can’t express how grateful I am to have chosen Megan for my photographer. Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed her so much. She made the process fun and easy. Megan was made for this, with her excitement, care and timing. Thank you for our images—they make us happier than ever!
— Delia and Chris
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Megan. She is not only a talented photographer, but also an incredibly kind individual. Megan was THE resource I had to keep me calm at my wedding. When I was running late, she was the one that told me to relax, not to worry, and kept me chill. She got along with everyone, and weeks later I would receive comments from friends and family about how much they adored Megan. I even found out she was helping with some of the last minute decorations at the venue. At one point during the speeches, I saw Megan wipe her eyes. It was amazing to me that she was so very much in the moment with us, not just taking pictures from the outside. That is a true artist. And her work is absolutely perfect. Check out her website for her portfolio and blog. She has a beautiful style that is classic and elegant. She is everything we were looking for in a photographer. YOU WILL NOT REGRET HIRING MEGAN. SHE IS THE BEST PERSON. We love you, Megan. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.
— Victoria and Ryan
Megan was such a pleasure to work with. She was so kind and professional. Everybody at our event raved about her.
— Katie and Ted
On a day that can be stressful, emotional and joyous all at once, Megan was a calming force. As a result, the photographs captured the heart of the day - I could not have been happier with her work. She was a gift to me on my wedding day and I was so grateful to have found her amidst all the many photographers I could’ve chosen. If you have an opportunity to work with her, grab it. It was the very best investment I made and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Laura and Dennis
Megan is great on so many levels. She was responsive prior the wedding and a terrific listener. She understood immediately what we wanted. We barely noticed her during the reception because she was doing as we asked — documenting the experience. There is a ton of competition in our area for photographers. It can be difficult to choose, but I am positive that hiring Megan was not only an easy choice, but also a smart one.
— Jen and Doug
I am especially grateful to partner with Megan as my ROCK-STAR photographer for my professional work in design (ie: annual reports, website, marketing collateral, client portraiture, and wine-related projects since we both live in Napa Valley). Not only can Megan deliver so wonderfully the final images that both I and the clients are always blown away by, but she brings such a great approachable and empathetic style in her presence that people just can’t resist working with her! I also have had the lucky opportunity to have Megan photograph my own personal photos, and I can’t say enough wonderful things! Thank you Megan!
— Julia Allen, Folia Design
Megan is a true professional in every aspect of the word!! She will make you feel so comfortable that you forget you are the subject of being photographed...she gets the most genuine, beautiful shots!! Her kind and thoughtful demeanor makes you smile. Megan exceeded every expectation I had for photos of my wedding. I cannot say enough good things about her personally and professionally!! She is truly a gifted photographer and I thank her for sharing her talent.
— Deanna and Shawn
I received a piece of advice when we were wedding planning: “make sure you really like your photographer, because you’ll be spending your whole wedding day with that person!” We LOVED Megan! Megan was such a calm, force for good during all of the busy-ness of a wedding day. She caught all of the moments we wanted and even caught some quiet, special moments when we had no idea she was in the room! She is incredibly talented. Incredibly reliable. We would recommend her a million times over!
— Mary Robb and John
Megan has a calm, but energetic, warmth and sincerity that puts people at ease. She is able to capture the spirit of the occasion, and get pictures that reflect the personalities of the subjects. Her photos don’t looked stiff & posed, but professional and reflective of the people and the occasion. She has a knack for capturing the special moments, and being unobtrusive when doing so. She is also very attentive to detail, and quickly responds to messages. She was the photographer for our daughter’s wedding and did a fabulous job. We highly recommend Megan.
— Jill, MOB
Although Megan was always very professional, she also made us feel very comfortable and relaxed, like we were working with a friend. On the day of, she showed up on time ( a few minutes early, even) and got right to work, capturing shots that I will always cherish. She knew that my husband and I were looking for something unique, and she delivered. Our pictures are stunning, and they look very natural. She captured the love and the romance of the day perfectly.
— Christina and Cris
When we finally saw the images from the wedding, we were beyond delighted. Frankly, we were stunned because there were so many memorable shots…the emotion contained in the day was captured over and over again on film. Megan and her assistant seemed to be everywhere, but never in an intrusive fashion. She was very thorough and had a wonderful balance between listening to our vision and helping us realize moments that we didn’t even know we wanted captured. We feel lucky to have found such an amazing photographer for one of the most important days of our family’s life.
— Sally, MOB
Megan was the most amazing, most calm, and perfect compliment for Alex and me. She was calming leading up the big day and made everything seem so seamless the day of. She captured every moment that I would have wanted, all while doing so with a big smile. I think she was enjoying our guests as much as we were and you can tell in the photos. Megan offered advice and guidance when prompted, but also, let me talk out my vision. I don’t think you can ask for a more perfect partnership in your wedding photographer. I think I spent more time with her than my husband that day and I couldn’t imagine anyone else being that person!
— Frances and Alex