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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

So often people tell me they hate getting their picture taken or that they don't have any pictures that look like "them."  And so they wait.  And they don't have a picture for their website.  Or they don't start a project they're really passionate about.  I know that feeling and can totally empathize.  You're probably nodding your head along with me.


What if it's possible?  And what if it's even a little fun?  And what if afterwards you have something that helps you see and appreciate your unique spirit and beauty with fresh eyes and even helps you to share it with other people?  

That's what Friday was about, and it was really, really fun.  Huge kudos to Keather for her radiant smile, adventurous heart and Olympic-level abilities to change outfits in her car.  ❤️

I'd love to help more people "get out of their own way" this Summer.  Reach out to me if you're interested!