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Heather and Johnny: Willow Heights Mansion

Everything about Heather and Johnny’s wedding was big:  Big families.  Big wedding party.  Big hair.  Big Wind.  Even Johnny’s smile is big. This blog post is going to be big--there’s no way around it.  And yet somehow I don’t even feel like I’m getting started on this gorgeous couple, their amazingly beautiful wedding and all the awesome friends and family who came together to help celebrate. 

Thank you Heather and Johnny!!!  I loved being a part of your “big” day.     

Venue: Willow Heights Mansion

Make-up: Kiss and Make-Up Los Gatos

Hair: Kim Summers

Dress: Lihi Hod-San Francisco

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Flowers: Deluxe Design Decor

Videographer: Major Diamond Productions

DJ: Deluxe Design Decor

Special thanks to my good friend Ken Viale who served as my second shooter/wing man and helped to capture some great moments I’m including in this post-I always appreciate working with you and your crazy, fish-eye perspective!